Some Things Get Better With Age

Some Things Get Better With Age

I can appreciate the beauty and elegance in an old design. We call that a classic. The same can’t be said for an old website design. That’s just outdated. When you see a classic, you are drawn to it unmistakable style and craftsmanship. When it comes to a website design, it doesn’t matter how much it cost you a few years ago. A few years in the technology era may as well be a few light years. I’m sorry to say that #1 –  if you site isn’t a WordPress site, you may as well be hanging business cards at the corner laundromat. If it is a WordPress site, fantastic; you have the building blocks that will help you get noticed in a massive wave of websites that are the new brick and mortar home for your business.

Right now, your site is a representation of who you are, how good you are at what you do, or how good your products are. If your site looks old and out-of-date, then so do you. It doesn’t matter how good you really are, it only matters how good you look at first sight. Users will move on before your site even has a chance to finish loading. That’s just a fact.

Will a brand new site bring you business? Not by itself. But it will give you the tools to compete, reach your potential customers or clients and hopefully hold your audiences attention long enough to visually hear your story.

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