Do I really need website maintenance?

Does My Website Really Need Maintenance?

Well – yes. Sorry, because I would love to tell you that once your site is up and perfect you don’t need to bother with it again. Unfortunately “out-of-site, out-of-mind” isn’t going to work with today’s standards.

With all the updates for WordPress, Themes, Plugins, not to mention security patches and regular content updates, realistically – yes.

So, while we’re keeping it real, how much maintenance do you need? At a minimum — a 3-month checkup. Ideally monthly maintenance is recommended, because theme, plugin and WordPress updates happen monthly. It’s also peace of mind for you and security for your users.

First, why a 3-month checkup?
Because if your hosting provider is not providing you with an SSL Certificate then we can offer you a FREE SSL Certificate. While you are not paying a yearly fee for the Certificate, it does need to be renewed every 3 months.

Can I just purchase a maintenance package as needed?
Absolutely. There is no contract, so if you don’t want to pay in advance for a yearly package (Excellent Deals BTW!) then you can just pick-your-plan** and cancel anytime.

Let’s say you want to have all your plugins and theme updated, plus renew your SSL. Then the Basic $59 package is perfect.

What if you want your plugins and theme updated but you also have some content that you need to add? Depending on how much you need done you can choose from either the 2-Hour* plan at $139 or the 4-Hour* plan at $189.

Why should I pay in advance for a one-year plan?
You don’t have to, of course, you can always pay monthly and cancel any time. However, I know that some of you may be paying more than you need to — and quite frankly — you don’t need to. Why not add the extra benefit of a 10% discount.

So, what’s next?
Well, first off, if you have taken the time to read this much – I want to say thank you with an additional hour of maintenance* per month – on top of the 10% discount – when you sign-up for any yearly package. Yes, even the basic package will include an additional 1-hour of site maintenance per month if you sign-up for the yearly package. Just enter code WPMP10%OFF+1 at checkout.

If you still not sure, or have questions, by all means – ask! That’s what we’re here for! Please feel free to give us a call at 732-945-0130 or email: info@moesart.biz.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


**Pick-Your-Plans purchased outside of the yearly packages can only include a single instance of the Daily, Bi-Weekly and Monthly maintenance or support updates and/or tasks. WooCommerce will be limited to updates and Google Analytics Tracking will be unavailable. Any time exceeding the allotted hourly updates will be billed at $55 per hour.

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