Does My Website Need An SSL Certificate

Do I Really Need An SSL?

Yikes! You don’t want your users seeing anything like that!

Don’t take my word for it. Google gives that an emphatic YES – you do need an SSL!

Your website needs to be secure.


If you’re like me and you just want a straight answer – it’s because you absolutely DO NOT want anyone that goes to your website to see Security Risk staring back at them. You DO NOT want people who find your business in a search engine to see This Site May Be Dangerous in the search results. You DO want them to see a green padlock, in that automatically assures users that your site is safe and secure.

You want your users to see HTTPS and not HTTP.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a global standard security layer that can help decrease the chances of your sensitive information from being stolen by hackers or identity thieves. SSL provides an encrypted layer between your website and your user’s browsers and can prevent attackers or ISPs from accessing the data sent.

What are the risks of having an insecure site?

Well aside from the fact that hackers are attempting to login to your site on a (literally) daily basis – the headlines are plastered with a who’s who of major companies that have gotten their sensitive customer information stolen.

I have lost count of how many new debit/credit cards I have been reissued – not just because of new chip technology, but because the integrity of my data has been jeopardized and my information may have been stolen. How many letters have I received because I submitted my information on an insecure website and now someone may have my personal data?

Names, addresses, emails and even credit card numbers are at risk.

Just as we lock our front doors, lock our cars, and keep a watchful eye on our cash or credit cards, so must we take the same care with our websites.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you are not an eCommerce site you don’t need security. A simple form, or even a complimentary comment can open the door to an identity thief or hacker.

What should you do?

Maintaining your website is key. Regular updates to your site, proper maintenance, and site testing can help assure the integrity of your site and that it is running properly. Your website isn’t something that you can pay for, put up and forget about.

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